среда, 23 марта 2011 г.


На прошлой неделе мне сразу два человека сказало (кажется даже в один день), что я пишу на Perl как не на Perl.
Забавно, но я использую обычно очень маленькое подмножество многоликого языка Perl.


понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.

Redis Sharding


Redis Sharding is a multiplexed proxy-server, designed to work with the database divided to several servers.
It's a temporary substitution of Redis Cluster (http://redis.io) that is under development.

Redis Sharding is used for horizontal Redis database scaling (with connecting of additional servers) as long as load distribution between the cores on the multiprocessor servers (as Redis server is single-threaded, several copies of the server can be run, one for each free core).

/- Redis (node 1)
Client 1 --- /-- Redis (node 2)
Redis Sharding --- Redis (node 3)
Client 2 --- \-- Redis (node 4)
\- Redis (node 5)

Sharding is done based on the CRC32 checksum of a key or key tag ("key{key_tag}").